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Well, we're not fully there yet. However, we are making a
"light reboot" and will begin accepting orders again.
However, we would like to point out that delivery times may be slightly longer than usual. Thanks for your understanding. is a site for collectors by collectors

Nearly all of the items listed on comes from private collectors, which means they are often only available in one copy, so the best chance to grab a bargain is to act immediately.
As we are just a couple of people with ordinary jobs that run this site it may take some time between the updates which, unfortunately, could mean that the item you want to buy has already been sold. We try our best however to keep the site as up to date as possible.

You can either browse the site by clicking the links in the menu bar or use the search function to the right. Use the "Add to shopping basket" button to get an overview of your selected items. Please read more on our info-page how to order/reserve items

When using the menu bar you´ll get the whole catalog of vinyls, CD´s and other stuff. To limit the list just use "Browse A-Z" function.

A quicker way if you know what you´re looking for is to use the "Search artist" function. You will then get all items for your specific artist/group.

You will also be able to search through the database on genre. Just click on the links for your special interest.

If you have any questions about something, or just wanna give some feedback, don´t hesitate to contact us. does not have a direct debit system.
Once you have added your items in the basket and sent your request by email to, we will get back to you as soon as possible with confirmation of what is available and the total price including postage. This is because most of the items listed here comes from private collectors, which means they are often only available in one copy. The items will be reserved for you for a maximum of 2 working days. is based in Sweden.

PLEASE NOTE: Non-payment of the placed order means that you will not be able be to add a another for a period of 3 months.


»Please note!«

Shipments to ITALY and EASTERN EUROPE will only be sent signed for which is an additional cost.This is due to mysteriously "disapperaring" parcels, fake orders and fake claims. We are aware, and truly sorry, that this will affect genuine collectors and sincere customers, but unfortunatelsy this is how it is and we hope for your understanding.


All orders over 40€ will only be sent signed for.
We are sorry we have to implement this, but we can not afford losing money on orders with high order value that "did not arrive".


This is approximate prices. It may differ depending on e.g. heavy vinyl, boxes etc. We always keep a fair pricing policy on postage and never debit more than the actual cost. Total cost of your order including postage will be sent together with confirmation mail of your request.

EUROPE except UK                
1 x 7" Vinyl single      3.50€    2-5 vinyl singles    7.00€
1-2 LP´s    7.50€    3-5 LP´s  12.50€
1 x CD*    3.50€    2-5 CD´s*  7.00€
1 x 7" vinyl single    3.50€    2-5 vinyl singles  7.00€
1 -2 12"/LP    8.50€    3-5 LP´s  13.50€
1 CD*    3.50€    2-5 CD's*    
Double singles/LP´s counts as two
*Postage fees for CD´s is based on no jewel case We ship CD´s without the jewel case to keep the postage as low as possible, except of course if it´s significant to the product (e.g. slipcase, stickered box, multifold Digipak etc). In that case the postage might be somewhat higher. NOT included.

All items must be paid in advance after receiving confirmation on availability and total charge including p&p.
Payment can be done only through Paypal. Please note that all payment must be made in Euros (just choose "currency Euro" when paying via Paypal).

If you want to know how much your full order will cost in your own currency you can check out this page,
XE Currency converter

We use the following grading;
S/S = Still Sealed. The item has never been opended
M = Mint condition. Like new but not sealed.
EX / NM= Excellent condition or near mint. Very light sign of use. Plays excellent.
VG = Very Good. Normal wear and tear (no major defects) Surface marks and occasional pops.
G = Good. Creasing, folding, scuffing on edges of sleeve. Noticeable surface marks which cause clicks or pops.
F = Fair. Sleeve torn and scuffescinsiderable surface noise.
P = Poor. We don´t sell records in that condition.

First grading for cover, second for the record/disc. For example VG/EX means that the cover (first grading) is in very good condition and the record is in excellent condition (second grading).

When it comes to CD it´s sometimes impossible to grade the disc as in MINT CONDITION, since it is hard to say if it never has been played. Therefore the grade M for a CD disc will stand for that there are no visible signs of use to the disc or booklet. A "SS" grading, Still sealed, is of course the highest grading for CD´s as well.
First grading is for cover/booklet, second grading for the disc. For example VG/M means that the cover and booklet (first grading) is in very good condition and the the disc seems flawless (second grading).

DVD grading is equal to the CD grading.
Grease spots that do not inflict on playability, and can easily be wiped off, is not regarded in grading the disc. Only visible marks or other obvious damages is reported.

Some of the books or magazines sold here might contain offensive language or pictures. Please beware that it is against the law in certain regions to buy such material if you´re under aged. Animaki takes no responsibility for any legal action regarding purchase of this material.

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